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Welcome to Kings Point Trail!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome to our association web site. Feel free to explore the features on this site.

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Please Report Feral Hog Damage HERE


KPTA Response to the 2011 Texas Drought

2011 saw Texas in the worst drought in over 120 years.  In all the 20 years I have been on the KPTA board, I have never seen so many trees killed by a natural event at one time.  In 1999, we removed around 300 trees due to the 1998 drought and in 2009 another 300 due to Hurricane Ike.  The tree count from the 2011 drought is currently over 600 trees and we are still marking and removing trees.

What is the process for identifying dead trees?
What types of trees are dying?
What is the process of removing the trees?
What is the risk of the equipment on the trails?
What is the estimated cost to KPTA?
Does KPTA have the money for this expense?
Once the trees are gone, will you replant?
Do you have any final thoughts?
Click here for the answers.

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